Telescopic Sports
Lighting Masts

We offer an extensive range of telescopic sports lighting masts designed bespoke to meet your exact on site requirements.

We have experienced excellent success using our innovative telescopic products in areas of outstanding natural beauty, national parks and other areas with significant challenges regarding planning permission.

Our masts can extend from under 3 metres in height to over 20 metres in a few minutes at the press of a button.

Please contact us for a free design and quotation and we will be delighted to help assist in bringing your project to fruition.

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Telescopic lighting masts provide an ideal solution to projects with strict planning conditions based on the facility’s location near residential properties or in areas with environmental restrictions.

Floodlights can be lowered when not in use, making them less obtrusive to local surroundings. Telescopic lighting masts also ensure easy access to the floodlights for maintenance and cleaning.

Watch the video below to see how telescopic masts work and how they could benefit your sports facility…