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What is a re-head & is it something we should be considering for our floodlights?

What is a re-head?

A re-head is when your existing floodlights are upgraded by replacing the light fittings with new ones.

When should you consider a re-head for your floodlights?

When a floodlight system has reached the end of its design life or isn’t as cost-effective anymore.


Are all existing floodlight systems suitable for a re-head?

Unfortunately not as it depends on the age of the existing system, the current infrastructure (lighting masts and electrical connection), and a number of other suitability factors.


How do you know if your system would be suitable?

A specialist floodlight contractor, such as Halliday Lighting, can assess the existing system to determine suitability for a re-head.


What should a specialist contractor be checking?

When checking the existing lighting system, a full electrical survey should be carried out as well as an assessment of the capabilities of the existing lighting masts and the existing floodlight fittings.

If you are considering a re-head, what is the typical process for this?

  • Initial site visit to carry out suitability checks
  • Design, quotation, and ideally an energy comparison
  • Further structural checks if needed based on the recommended design
  • Re-head carried out by qualified electrical engineers who will install new floodlight fittings to upgrade your lighting system
  • Testing which as a minimum will include a lux level test to ensure lights meet the required standards and levels that they were designed for. A full electrical inspection test (NICEIC) may also be necessary.

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What are the implications if you decide not to proceed with a re-head?

If you decide to keep your existing floodlights following an assessment which recommends a re-head:


In a few very specific circumstances, a re-head might not be such a beneficial investment for your club or facility. For example, if you have a grass pitch which is only used a few times a year for evening games or training then perhaps you wouldn’t see the cost benefits of upgrading to LED at this time.

Our experienced team will help to advise and support you with making the right decision for your pitch lighting. We will always be transparent and honest when it comes to the options you have available to ensure that your floodlights meet the requirements and standards needed for your facility.


To find out more about upgrading the floodlights at your club, school or sports facility, please contact us.