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Football Floodlights Requirements in the UK

When it comes to sports pitch lighting, and specifically Football floodlights, there are a number of requirements that need to be considered with Football pitch lights. These are dependent on the level of competition that will take place on the pitch and the related standards for lighting levels and lighting uniformity.


Football governing bodies at national and international level provide guidance on what your club needs to ensure its football pitch lights meet the necessary standards for safety and performance.


The FA (Football Association) sets out standards for clubs playing in FA competitions and the National League System and the SFA (Scottish Football Association) and FAW (Football Association of Wales) provide regulations for football pitch lights and the clubs under their authority. For clubs playing in the English Football League, Premier League, Scottish Premier League and Cymru Premier, standards are determined by UEFA as additional considerations for broadcasting need to be taken into account.


The following table provides details about the football floodlighting requirements for football clubs set out by the governing bodies responsible for the game in the UK:

Governing Body Category Eave Emin/Emax
UEFA 4 1400 lux 0.5
3 1200 lux 0.4
2 800 lux 0.4
1 Sufficient to allow host broadcaster to ensure adequate broadcasting of match
The FA Grade A (Step 1) Conference 250 lux 0.25
Grade B (Step 2) Conference N & S 180 lux 0.25
Grade C (Step 3) 120 lux / 180 lux* 0.25
Grade D (Step 4) 120 lux / 180 lux*
Grade E (Step 4-5) 120 lux / 180 lux* 0.25
Grade F (Step 5) 120 lux / 180 lux* 0.25
Grade G (Step 6) 120 lux / 180 lux* 0.25
SFA Platinum 1200 lux 0.45
Gold 800 lux 0.4
Silver 500 lux 0.3
Bronze 300 lux 0.25
Entry 200 lux 0.25
FAW Tier 1 500 lux
Tier 2 250 lux
Tier 3 250 lux

*120 lux refers to existing systems and any upgrades or new installations should achieve 180 lux

In addition to the standards set by the organisations which govern football, European standard BS EN 12193:2018 also presents recommendations and requirements for sports pitch lighting . For football, it specifies floodlight values for three categories:


Standard Category Eave
BS EN 12193:2018 I 500 lux
II 200 lux
III 75 lux*

*Note: The FA recommend a minimum of 120 lux for football so clubs should aim to meet that minimum instead of the lower European standard.

What do these terms mean?


Lux – the measurement of light calculated as a unit of illuminance lumens per square metre so 1 lux = 1 lumen/m2

Eave – average horizontal illuminance

Emin/Emax – calculation of illuminance uniformity


As well as the information provided by the governing bodies, our team of lighting experts are available to answer any queries you may have about floodlights and to support you through the planning and design stages of your sports lighting project. If you would like to discuss the football pitch lights requirements for your football pitch with one of our experienced team members, please contact us.


To find out more about how floodlights can bring added benefits to a football club, click here to read a case study about the lights we installed at Lakenheath FC.


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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page has been collated from the sources provided above in Useful Links.

This information may be subject to change at any time by the governing bodies and standards agencies.


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