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What is an annual service & why is it needed for floodlights?

Why do floodlights need to be serviced?

Floodlights require servicing and maintenance to assess the condition of the lighting masts and to ensure lighting levels are still achieving their optimum efficiency.


Up to 17% of lighting output can be lost through an accumulation of dirt so an annual clean of the glass on your floodlights can make a significant difference.


If sports lighting does not meet standards set by sport governing bodies and an accident occurs on your pitch, then your public liability insurance may be deemed invalid. Correct maintenance will help ensure your floodlights continue to meet the levels required for your sport.

How often is a service needed?

Metal halide lighting should be serviced annually with LEDs requiring a service every two years.


This is because metal halide floodlights are made with components that require ongoing maintenance and potential replacement.


Who will carry out an annual service?

At Halliday Lighting, we have a dedicated maintenance team coordinated by Michael Morris, our maintenance manager. Michael has more than 25 years’ experience in the lighting industry and our on-site teams are all fully qualified electrical engineers.

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What does an annual service include?

Our maintenance and service packages are comprehensive to ensure masts and floodlights are thoroughly and correctly checked and maintained.

As standard an annual service from Halliday Lighting includes:


Mast Maintenance

  • Vertical alignment (adjust if possible)
  • General condition of mast (inspect and report)
  • Check operation of raising and lowering mechanism and report
  • Check operation of locking device (where applicable)
  • Check presence of door covers and locks
  • Visual inspection of electrical connections and report
  • Visual inspection of control gear
  • Lubricate where necessary
  • Check/tighten foundation bolts to correct torque setting
  • Check lantern bracket fixings, general condition and report


Floodlight Maintenance

  • Inspection of general condition and report
  • Inspection of mounting fixings and report
  • Visual inspection of electrical connections and report


Whilst annual servicing should ensure your lights are kept in great condition, other factors could affect your lighting at other times of the year. If you experience issues or notice any changes and would like advice, please contact us.