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Maintenance of LED Floodlights

It is often believed that LED floodlights do not require any maintenance and we are hearing this more and more frequently when speaking with new and potential clients. Whilst it is true that less maintenance is needed for LED sports lighting compared to traditional metal halide flood lights, there are a number of reasons why maintenance is very much still necessary.


Why is maintenance needed for LED floodlights?

The main reason is that maintenance often forms part of the warranty terms so to ensure a warranty remains valid, maintenance needs to be done.

When it comes to the performance of LED floodlights, maintenance helps to ensure optimum light output and therefore appropriate and safe light levels for the facility. Proactive maintenance also helps to safeguard against potential problems within a lighting system and can therefore reduce costs in the long-term whilst ensuring maximum lifespan from this important asset.

What maintenance should be done for LEDs?

As a minimum, these Maintenance activities should be carried out for LED floodlights:

  • Lens cleaning
  • Visual checks for corrosion, water ingress, damage to seals and any other obvious signs of potential issues
  • Cleaning of heat sinks and removal of debris, such as bird droppings or leaves
  • Check of electrical connections and gland integrity.

floodlight maintenance

It is also recommended that lux audits are performed before and after maintenance to ensure light levels are what they should be for the facility and sport taking place.

How often is maintenance needed for LED lighting systems?

With regards to frequency of maintenance required for LED floodlights, each manufacturer will have their own recommendations and it is also dependent on usage and geographic factors, such as salt spray, UV exposure, sandstorms and other climate-related influences.

To ensure you plan and budget for LED maintenance accordingly, we advise you to check the information supplied by the lighting manufacturer in the Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Manual and also the terms of the product warranty.

Who should be carrying out floodlight maintenance?

When it comes to who you should employ to carry out floodlight maintenance, it is important that you select a suitably qualified and experienced lighting contractor or manufacturer’s representative who can ensure that maintenance is carried out to uphold the conditions of the warranty.

What happens if maintenance isn’t done?

If maintenance is not completed appropriately, there are a number of issues which can arise. These include:

  • Warranty being declared void if terms have not been met through lack of correct maintenance
  • Risk of unsafe light levels and potential liability insurance issues
  • Cost of replacing a floodlight system earlier than expected
  • Being left with an unusable asset which if you are a revenue-generating facility will mean fewer available playing hours and therefore a loss in revenue.

To find out more about the dedicated maintenance service offered by Halliday Lighting, take a look at this page and to book a floodlight service, please complete the form on the Maintenance & Servicing page or click here to contact us.