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Rugby Pitch Lighting Requirements in the UK and Ireland

When it comes to rugby floodlights, several requirements need to be considered. These are dependent on the level of competition that will take place on the pitch and the related standards for lighting levels and lighting uniformity.

Governing bodies for rugby unions at national and international levels provide guidance on what rugby floodlights your club needs to ensure its pitch or stadium lighting meets the necessary standards for safety and performance.

The following table provides details about the requirements for Rugby floodlights set out by governing bodies in the UK and Ireland:

Governing Body Category Eave Emin/Eave
RFU Levels 2-5: Matches 200 lux 0.6
Levels 2-5: Training 100 lux 0.5
Levels 6-12: Matches 100 lux 0.5
Levels 6-12: Training 100 lux 0.5
WRU A Licence 300 lux with the ability to increase to 500 lux
B Licence 300 lux
Class 1 500 lux 0.7
Class 2 300 lux 0.6
Class 3 250 lux 0.6
Class 4 140 lux 0.5
Class 5 75-100 lux 0.5
IRFU Class II 200 lux 0.6
Class III 100 lux 0.5

In addition to the standards set by the organisations which govern rugby, European standard BS EN 12193:2018 also presents recommendations and requirements for sports lighting. For Rugby, it specifies floodlight values for three categories as below:


Standard Category Eave Emin/Eave
BS EN 12193:2018 I 500 lux 0.7
II 200 lux 0.6
III 75 lux 0.5

For televised or recorded fixtures, World Rugby provides standards for broadcasting quality as follows:


Governing Body Category Eave Emin/Eave
World Rugby WR1 2000 lux 0.8
WR2 1750 lux 0.8
WR3 >500 lux 0.7

(The tables above provide only some of the key values set out in the standards. For more detailed information, relevant guidance documents are available below in the Useful Links section.)

What do these Rugby pitch lighting terms mean?


Lux – the measurement of light calculated as a unit of illuminance lumens per square metre so 1 lux = 1 lumen/m2

Eave – average horizontal illuminance

Emin/Eave – calculation of illuminance uniformity


As well as the information provided by the governing bodies, our team of lighting experts are available to answer any queries you may have about floodlights and to support you through the planning and design stages of your sports lighting project. If you would like to discuss the rugby floodlights requirements for your rugby pitch with one of our experienced team members, please contact us.


To find out more about how floodlights can bring added benefits to a rugby club, click here to see how floodlights have been added to the 3G facility at Melrose Rugby.


Useful Links

IRFU Facilities Guidance for Floodlighting

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this page has been collated from various sources, including those provided above in Useful Links. This information may be subject to change at any time by the governing bodies and standards agencies.


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