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Metal Halide Versus LED Sports Lighting: 5 differences

Over the last decade, the move to LED Sports Lighting has really picked up pace. Many sports facilities are choosing to re-fit existing metal halide floodlights with new LED Sports Lighting options and most new-build sports pitches now opt for LED from the start.


Whilst cost is often an important factor when installing sports pitch lighting and metal halide has a cheaper initial outlay, LED floodlights deliver a range of additional benefits including cost-savings over time.


In this article, we explain 5 differences and look at metal halide versus LED Sports lighting…

Metal halide versus led


1. LED sports lighting delivers instant full light level

When metal halide floodlights are switched on, a warm up period is required for them to reach full light level. LED floodlights don’t need this so, when they are switched on, they are instantly at full light level.


2. Light levels of LED floodlights can be easily varied

A number of different solutions are available but, at Halliday Lighting, we recommend a DALI supported system which can be controlled from a small, easy to use control panel or via a smart phone app. This allows light levels to be changed at the click of a button and is a system that can be integrated into existing building management systems which also use DALI.


3. Less maintenance is required for LED sports lighting systems

Metal halide lighting systems need annual servicing to include cleaning, mast checks and re-lamps. LED floodlights can undergo standard maintenance every two years for cleaning and mast checks.


The reduction in requirement from an annual service to a biennial service as well as having no re-lamping charges means LED floodlights are more cost-effective when it comes to expenditure for ongoing maintenance.


4. Metal halide lights are cheaper to purchase but LED lights require lower energy and running costs

Some LED Sports lighting systems use around half the amount of kilowatts as an equivalent metal halide system. The cost saving of this for energy bills combined with lower maintenance costs means LED lighting is more cost-effective over its lifespan.


5. LED Floodlights have an increased warranty

Halliday Lighting provide a one-year warranty for metal halide floodlights and have a 10-year extended warranty option available for LED floodlights. The difference is due to the deterioration of components within metal halide fixtures and the fact that LED lighting is designed to withstand sufficient operating hours over a sustained period of time.

For more information on the LED sports lighting supplied and installed by Halliday Lighting, check out this page of our website or contact us with your questions.