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How tall are stadium lights?

How tall is stadium lighting?

Ultimately stadium lighting hight depends on the structure of the stadium itself and will therefore vary from one facility to the next.

Stadium floodlights can be mounted in a few different ways: on masts, over slung or underslung. The choice for this is dependent on the infrastructure of the stadium as well as the ground grading requirements for the facility.

Typically, stadium lights which are corner-mounted on masts will be at least 25m tall but tend to range between 20m and 40m.

For a stadium lighting system mounted on or in the roof, the height is partly determined by the dimensions of the stadium itself.

The mounting height and configuration of a stadium lighting system is assessed during the design phase of a project when a lighting designer will consider the required beam angle, shadowing, pitch layout, stadium infrastructure and necessary sports lighting standards to create a bespoke design.

For Wakefield Trinity RLFC, we installed four 28-metre corner masts with 20 flood lights on each mast to deliver this upgraded LED floodlighting system at their stadium.

stadium lights, stadium lighting
stadium lights, stadium lighting

Ahead of a recent international tournament, our team installed 44 additional LED Stadium lights alongside the existing underslung fixtures to ensure Stadium MK met the requirements needed to host such a level of broadcast quality fixtures.